I'm With ???

J is conflicted and wants to join both sides.
DruidJP585 at 11:03AM, June 2, 2007
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I may join this civil war.

I start off as J. He is the star of the main comic, of which I have yet to draw.
He is a world traveler and on his travels he managed to gain both Illusion powers and his constant companions the Pure Paint.
He tries to please every single person possible. Unfortunately, This caused him to get horribly conflicted once he returned to the Civil War earth and the Civil war started.
His Chaos and Order parts of his personality each have different things they want to do.
Order wants to be unblemished by prejudices, to go with the anonymity Riot provided. To help everyone without expecting a thing in return.
Chaos on the other hand wants to face the world head on, to be known, to know, to side with Zak. To gain prestige and a following.
With a resounding boom J was split in twain. His two sides each getting its own form.
Order getting a male body. Joey, Red, Blue, Black.
Chaos getting a female body. Jamie, Ell, Faith, Kite.

The Pure paint got thrown along for the ride. They ended up fusing with the bodies, unable separate from them (for long). Instead forced to live in a symbiosis with their host bodies.

Anyways, after a heated argument upon which a uninhabited city block was obliterated, each side goes off to join the respective forces.
Of course FJ and MJ (might as well call them Jamie and Druid) don't hate each other (neither really being capable of the emotion.) Each agreeing may the best side win.
They really don't want to see each other seriously hurt. So occasionally they do exchange the powers of blue and green so each may heal themselves and survive heat. Under rare circumstances they even do a cross body paint fusion (in which as long as they are connected they can each use the fusion power. To reiterate the cross fusions are: Mirth, Aegis, Blade, and Full Unison.)
Emblem: J's emblem is an interrobang with the exclamation point replaced by a paintbrush. The dot is sometimes replaced with a bomb, smiley face, 8 ball, globe, moon, or any other round object.

I am still working on character designs for the Pure Paint:
Kite White: Hair Covering part of Face. Full Figure. Solid White Eyes.
Locke Black: usually wears mask to hide fact that he has bishonen hair. Medium Build. Solid Black Eyes.
Ell Yellow: Long Yellow/Gold Hair. Thin figure. Yellow Cat Eyes.
Pell Yellow: Long Yellow/Gold Hair. Floating a bit, Thin figure. Yellow Cat Eys.
Nell Yellow: Long Yellow/Gold Hair. Flying all about, Thin figure. Yellow Cat Eys.
Blaze Red: Military cropped Red Hair. Buff. Red Eyes.
Logic Blue: Ice Glasses. Short brown hair. Small Figure. Blue Eyes.
Faith Green: Translucent Leaf Glasses. Pony Tail Braided Brown hair. Medium Figure. Green Eyes.
Zephyr Purple Female: Purple Eyes. ?
Neuter Mirth: Brown Hair. Orange Eyes. ?
Neuter Aegis: Brown Hair. Brown Eyes. ?
Neuter Blade: Brown Hair. Silver Eyes. ?
Short Circuit: A mess of blue and yellow bolts of electricity.
Neuter Full Unison: ?

When hopping across worlds, J (and the Pure paint) became accustomed to be forced into strange forms and having memories locked away).
J (and therefore Joey and Jamie's) memories of their real names were locked away when they returned to Civil War earth.
The world hopping power got neutralized too. Apparently J can only world hop when whole.
The Civil War world can be considered a home world of J.
Let me tell you about the Pure paint. Their natural form is that of moving patches of color. They eventually received humanoid forms. But due the the fission of J, they can only project those forms as illusions.
Pure Paint, in the down time, rest within a mind world of their host.

Regardless, Pure Paint has a few powers:
Absorb: Consume material and energies related to their color. This is to recharge the limited stores of energy each color has.
Exert: Exert powers related to their color.
Illusions: They picked up illusion magic from J.
Create: Create Living Paint which can exist outside of the main body for as long as its energy holds out, after which it reverts into plain (though extremely hard to remove) paint. Living Paint has a very limited intelligence and can follow few commands. Living paint can also exert its element, however at a lesser degree than Pure Paint.
Fuse: Fuse with another color to temporarily form another color of Pure Paint. Only can be done under mutual agreement of the colors.
Red and Blue combine to form: Female Zephyr -Wind/Truth Purple
Red and Blue and Black form: Female Black Zephyr -Powerful Version of Zephyr
Red and Yellow form: Neuter Mirth -Fluke fusion actually. Only power is inducing laughter. Orange
Red and Green form: Neuter Aegis -earth. Defense. Brown
Yellow and Blue: *bzzzt* Short Circuit. Fusion only lasts a short time but manages to generate electrolysis.
Black and White form: Neuter Blade -metallurgy. Perfect Combination of precision and power. Shield Breaker. Energy Cutter (cuts energy fields and streams). Silver (Note combine any color to this and the blade gains that attribute as well. However, Blades gender is stuck on neutral).
All colors combined form: Neuter Full Unison. Allows generation of portals to areas seen before. Closing/Opening Portals can sometime create a vacuum effect when opened. Portals close after five minutes of not being powered.

Note: When two females merge it makes a male color. When two males merge it makes a female color. Combining with a true neuter (male+Female) creates a color of the gender as if it were a fusion of colors broken apart to base and grouped by gender: (male+male)female+female=Male; (female+female)male+male=female; (male+male)female+male=true neuter; (female+female)male+female=true neuter; true neuter+true neuter=true neuter; (male+male)female+(female+female)male=true neuter
Note: Black and White, when combined with other colors attribute Power and precision respectively. However, they don't seem to effect the genders when a fusion of more than 2 happens. That is unless the primary fusion creates a neuter, then fusion black or white to the mix creates a color of their gender.
Note: Green and Blue are technically neuter-female and neuter-male respectively. Their bodies are female Blue -Mystic Vision; Green -Life Flow Vision; Yellow -Electricity Vision; Black -Allows user to see through glares and shadows; White -Magnify; Purple-Fluid Vision. See flow of Air/water and vibrations in it; Blade -Movement Prediction using kinetic and gravitic calculations.

See moves a little before they happen (example as a sword is swung see where it would be a few seconds ahead in swing).
Augment ears and nose. (paint can filter out some sounds entering ear and particles entering nose.)
Exert through body parts. -Exert element through extremities. Channel element into objects.
Control Body. J can allow the paint to take control of parts of the body or the entire body.
Eliminate BO -The paint can clean sweat as it exits pores, as well as clean teeth.
Nerve Impulse Control (Yellow only) -Shut down/enhance receptors in nervous system. Low Cost.
Stamina Boost (Red Only) -Can allow J keep active for longer period of time. However this is borrowed energy and has a cost in the long run.
Enhanced Healing Factor (Green Only) -Can heal wounds, sprains, broken bones very quickly.
Healing Factor: Due to the amount of living paint in the body, J heals at quite faster rate than humans.
Flight (Zephyr Only) -Combined with thermal manipulation and gravity manipulation allows J flight. Moderate cost.
Wall Climb (Black o white only): Using Black he adhees himself to walls. Using white his fingers dig into the walls themselves.
NOTE: When paint is fused and it is in head symbiosis with J (controlling head). Some of the appearance changes carry over to J. This means hair color, hair length, and eye color.
NOTE: a few of the augments (mainly eyes) can be temporarily shared with others through direct physical contact.

J's powers include:
Override: Allows him to push the Pure paint he hosts inside his body and keep them there.

I think I may be the only person here who has thought to make a fission character.
Of course if Druid and Jamie (and the respective paint) each seem to be Mary Sues, we can put a further limitation and say only one or two Pure paint can be largely active at a time (with others doing minor stuff like augmenting eyes, eliminating BO, absorbing minor degress of elements).
"If I was given four words to describe myself, Animus cum multiplex animus" - J.
“There are people changing forms. There are people changing sides.
Who is friend now, and who is foe though.”
“This is what its like when worlds collide.”-Powerman
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JP585 at 11:22AM, June 2, 2007
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I confirm that the above poster is in fact me.
I want to make a few clarifications on weapon specifications.

Joey and Jamie each prefer staffs.
Logic and Faith each prefer staffs.
Blaze prefers Maces and flamethrowers.
Ell prefers Whips and Tazers.
Locke oddly prefers Precise and distance Ranged Weapons. (needles, sniper, shuriken, kunai, boomerangs). For close range he hand to hand combat.
Kite oddly prefers Impact and forceful Ranged Weapons. (Cannons, Rockets, Grenades). For close range she take hand to hand combat.

Looking at my post I am torn whether I should switch the sides of th paint…if not switching the sides of the hosts as well.
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DruidJP585 at 3:41PM, June 2, 2007
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Changing my hero costume again for Joey. Also i am changing Jamie to Jane.

Anyways…I thought. hey I am an illusionist…why deal with a mask. I will just make my entire head disappear using an illusion enchanted collar. I thought, to be fair Jane should get one too. Then I thought, to be fair to both, they should be able to remake them if they are destroyed.

"If I was given four words to describe myself, Animus cum multiplex animus" - J.
“There are people changing forms. There are people changing sides.
Who is friend now, and who is foe though.”
“This is what its like when worlds collide.”-Powerman
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DruidJP585 at 5:27PM, June 2, 2007
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I put introduction stories here.

As a bonus here is the Pure Paint in sprite form.

Yes the lightning pixie is Ell.
The Ghost Pirate is Kite.
The green girl is faith.
The Ninja is Locke.
The Ice guy is Logic.
The pyro is Blaze.
"If I was given four words to describe myself, Animus cum multiplex animus" - J.
“There are people changing forms. There are people changing sides.
Who is friend now, and who is foe though.”
“This is what its like when worlds collide.”-Powerman
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Nikai Nockturne at 6:52PM, June 5, 2007
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Hey man…I wanted to be on both to so I decided to be a medic. ^-^
<—Click it…or be toaster pwned.
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DruidJP585 at 4:17AM, June 6, 2007
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Yeah I know…but unfortunately DruidJP585 is not the kind of person who likes to be caught between two sides. An overriding part of his personality is that he wants to help each side as much as possible.

Also, DuidJP585 houses both a pirate and a :neenjah:. You can understand how views differ there even if they are siblings.

I wonder…I could fit my ? briefcase in here as well. I wonder what people would do mid fighting if I cooperated with my counterpart and set up a fully stocked bar in the battlefield (my briefcase has one. got it as a gift from Dionysus after introducing him to some new types of alcohol).
"If I was given four words to describe myself, Animus cum multiplex animus" - J.
“There are people changing forms. There are people changing sides.
Who is friend now, and who is foe though.”
“This is what its like when worlds collide.”-Powerman
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