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Most call him Johnny Phillips...
AQua_ng at 10:03AM, Sept. 26, 2007
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…mainly it's because that's his name. The others just don't know him.

Name: Johnny Phillips


Kanto, Saffron City

Background Information:
Johnny is an assistant to his father, the inventor and developer of Technical Machines (TMs) and Hidden Machines (HMs). They have developed and made many of the 50 TMs found in Kanto, released to the public via Silph Co. Though Johnny's main interest was technology, he still liked Pokemon, his first being a Voltorb. He himself have been involved in many technological advances and inventions, such as the creation of the Master Ball in particular. He sets of to other regions to test out new products made by Silph Co. and to see other regions' reditions of TMs and other items.

Johnny analyses almost everything, trying to work out what would be the most efficient decision. He is however, extremely forgetful and oblivious to the obvious, being known to call out the wrong Pokemon due to not remembering which Pokemon belong to what Pokeball.

Pokemon and Battling Styles: Electrode (Evolved from Voltorb), Porygon, Zubat.
Johnny excels at item use and move unpredictability. Most of the moves his Pokemon have come from TMs.

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