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Dreamweaver at 12:31PM, Aug. 6, 2008
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I guess I'll do mine as well starting with Anthony.

Name: Anthony Robert Greaves
Birth name: Angelo Star Giver
Age: unable to truly measure but he looks like he is 17
Race: Ever changing but birth race is White holy dragon prefered is brown hedgehog after the alpha wars and human before that.
Favorite weapon: Sparky in Guardian mode
Bio: The first being born on Verticon. Cursed to suffer from all kinds of mishaps and painful deaths and tortures it's a wonder he hasn't gone Emo by now. Loves to goof around and is very naive when it comes to sexual advances or acts and has to be explained to at times. His trade mark attack or skill is called Da Chibi laser which turns anything he shoots with it into a dragon pup. He is able to shift his gender and enjoys being both so much he doesn't have a true gender but seems to prefer his male one. He hates men for things he has seen in the past. The hate he wears on his head serves as a bag of holding and can shift into various forms as well. He has plenty of girls interested and in love with him and he treats them all the same but taken advantage of them is something he could never do willingly.

“I am the one that weaves the dreams you have every night. Some call me the sand man others still call me a monster. But regardless of what people call me I will always be around to weave your dreams. For now until the end of time.” A quote from the Dreamer the creator of Verticon.
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emerl at 4:48PM, Oct. 16, 2009
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can u put me in your comic?please??????????i love your series!!!
if i can assist your comic,what can i do?
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