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littlerain at 12:12PM, Dec. 3, 2008
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Well I will update more on his name later, just because if you haven't read Waiting for Godot I'd rather not give anything away…. When the plot gets going you will see that the play is very different but for now I will stuff about his name a secret.

So originally Adam was extremely depressed and really was not a fun person to talk to. Then I started thinking…I have always done depressed tortured male characters…I mean, the Adam now is actually pretty depressed but he really wants that contact with other people so tries to be as happy and friendly as he can. This really is very different for me to be making a male character like this so I hope I don't slip back and start making him anti-social….

Here was my first drawing of him after i decided to make him happy. The whole white hair idea came along with his character design. Originally Adam had black hair. I will upload a picture or two of the old Adam if I can.

Anyway I like this picture but MAN his neck is so small! It really bothers me…

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