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Age: 21
Name: Amanda
Location: US, MA
School: UMass Amherst

Okay random things about me:
-I am a girl
-I am a democrat
-I dont eat red meat
-I suck at directions
-I have a cute kitten named Samus
-I have been raised on Super Mario and Zelda
-I am a Junior in college
-I play DD
-I used to play WoW (Horde FTW) but decided I needed a life…
-Im going to school to teach elementary education
-Ive been doing martial arts for 7 years. I have a brown sash.
-Our test double in length every time. My last one was 24 hours so my black belt test will be 48…not looking forward to that.
-Yes that is 48 hours, no sleep, little food, lots of ass kickin
-I also teach martial arts to children with special needs.
-I have a boyfriend.
-I am a waitress
-Im a tomboy…in most of my tastes and interests
-I know Japanese at an intermediate level
-I love Pokemon…

Flower: Water Lilly
Candy: Raspberry or Rum flavored Chocolate
Color: Teal
Food: Blueberries
2nd Food: Unagi Maki
Video Game system: DS
Time of Day: Really early morning
Music: Alt Rock

Top 10 video games:
1. Resident Evil 4
2. Zelda: Twilight Princess
3. Super Mario Galaxy
4. Pokemon (Ill just include all)
5. Zelda: Ocarina of Time
6. Adventure Island 3
7. Rune Factory(1 and 2)
8. Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door
9. Left for Dead
Special Mentions to Tetras. Seriously, I got it for the DS so we could do wi-fi. Challenge me any time if you think you got a chance. .^o^.

Top 10 Anime/Manga Series:
1. Gurren Lagann
2. Naruto
3. One Piece
4. Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood)
5. Dragonball (z) ((not GT!!!))
6. Ranma 1/2
7. Battle Angel Alita (manga)
8. Death Note
9. Trigun
10.Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni

Special Mentions to Avatar the Last Airbender. Its not Japanese but it is pretty much in that category.

My icon is just a picture of me…

I hope you like my comic. I try to upload it every day. I may need to skip a day here and there for school work…but I will probably update two the next day if that is the case.

Also what I use to color my comics:
I ink with micron pens(sakura)and color with prismacolor markets. I also have this brush marker thing but its logo has rubbed off and I got it as a present so I have no idea what brand it is. If you see any thick, brush like marks that us it.

To tell you the truth I check Drunk Duck more than my email but if you do feel like emailing me…like for fan art or questions or just to talk its:

Also I am a big nerd and would probably love to play a game with you! Just ask and I will PM you friend codes. I am almost always active in pokemon D/P/P so just ask if you want to trade or battle. I also play many other games on Nintendo so just ask and I can give you my FC.
I am also on XBox live. My name is Littlerain0 so if you just send me a friend request saying youre from DD I will definitely accept.

Comics By littlerain

  • Fantasy |
  • 129 pages |
  • last: July 7 2011 |
Follows Valery, an obscure yet normal girl, and Adam, the strange boy she meets waiting in a subway station. There are elements of martial arts, magic, romance, comedy and existential theory (with loose references to 'Waiting for Godot').
  • Fantasy |
  • 53 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
Just an exchange between Ryushin and Littlerain in an RPG like fashion. More for our personal fun than for reading but feel free to!

Comics Assisted By littlerain

No comics.

Comics Recomended By littlerain

A cheerful Grim Reaper in training and her ultra-depressed assistant collect the souls of the recently deceased and bring them to the afterlife.

In the future, even machines will need an angel, and one girl is there to fill in that job position, her name is Angel Love; and her dream will cause a whole cyborg city to erupt into a massive gang war.


This is a story about a little girl, Lila, and her life once she befriends two aliens.

Young Hiro attends the prestigious Oyama School of Defense to continue his martial arts training.

It's about zombies. :D

A silly comic about Mario and Luigi's "real" jobs as plumbers.

We all have Dreams and Nightmares. But these Nightmares arent your average nightmares. Luckily the world has Del Salok,your not so average guy,with a not so average skill, to wake you from your not so average Nightmare.In short, hes your Nightmare's Cure.

Updated every Sunday. Updated a week ahead at [url][/url]

Miki visits her boyfriend Toshiya at a rainy night...

Story of a revenge in the world of vampires

or "What Happens When You Eat Breakfast in Bedlam"

A Yuri; girl x girl love; lesbian; shoujo-ai. A girl with the odd hobby of sewing living monsters and there some argument if she is human or not. Now her world changes when an unlucky student comes to her school and she looks yummy. (A creepy-cute comic)

Rated bizarre for: monsters, zombies, cannibalism, school girls, unrequited love (with a vengeance), government conspiracy, chocolate bunnies, angels vs. demons, all that with a limb or two to spare.

Meiku Yusai, a high-school student who lives with his two sisters and his mother. He lived an ordinary, boring life for a long time, he'll soon crawl out of that boring life and enter a whole new adventure, wishing for his dull life back.

By exploring people's inner most thoughts Unsung Heroes of Subtlety reveals the surprising truth about people and situations.


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Ryushin at 8:43AM, Jan. 2, 2010

Sure thing, right after I get photoshop or something running, darn Vista doesn't let me install! =S

Tcb at 3:53PM, Dec. 4, 2009

I watched the video on your page it's awesome. ARe you working on any comics?

CryForE at 1:53PM, Dec. 2, 2009

Heya! Thanks for the re-add m8 :D Regards. E. P.T. Very cool video You've got on your profile :O

oldguy85 at 9:53AM, Oct. 13, 2009

Missing Godot. Hope to see you soon BTW My daughter goes to Smith in North Hampton.

mwace at 1:13PM, Aug. 8, 2009

Aggh I'm being traumatized by all of the hours I'm spending drawing and re-drawing parts of the Akima-looking girl, but it's almost finished and I'm getting a lot of cool ideas for my comic. Looking forward to talking soon and more Godot updates :D

Beasti at 10:14AM, July 22, 2009

I warmed all your eggs XD

oldguy85 at 9:23PM, July 10, 2009

I took your advice and read restart first. Now reading into ch 2 (old). Beautiful story.

dontworrybehappy at 1:32PM, July 5, 2009

hey girl, thanks for the comment and the icon is mine, die in jealosy bwahahaha...

Lilac at 10:50AM, June 25, 2009

LILRAYNE I'VE MISSED YEW SEW MUCH!!! *crais* I have been so worried but now you're back and I am happy. I am eagerly awaiting for Godot to start up again. :3

Kailing at 5:41PM, April 8, 2009

Hey sweetie! I finally started posting my own silly comic, thought I would let you know!

Lilac at 8:13PM, March 20, 2009

LILRAYNE!!! You haven't been on in forever. I really hope everything is okay. )': I miss you and your lovely comic!!!

Lilac at 9:07AM, Feb. 11, 2009

Haaaaaai I hope you're doing okay. ^^

Ryushin at 9:15AM, Jan. 28, 2009

Gratz on your 100th page trophie!! ^^

llawliet11 at 8:51PM, Jan. 27, 2009

thanks,toph is so cute:DI thought it was that she could not only bend earth but metal too^^I still miss that show

Emily Elizabeth at 3:51PM, Jan. 27, 2009

Well, the story is really original! I love the relationship between the two main characters. Its really kawaii! :) Keep up the great work!

Emily Elizabeth at 3:04PM, Jan. 27, 2009

It's okie lovie! I really enjoyed your comic. It was awesome. Where did you get your ideas from?

Lilac at 9:03AM, Jan. 27, 2009

Hooray! :D

Lilac at 7:17AM, Jan. 27, 2009

Lol, no problem. ^^ I was trying to draw Adam from memory...*epic fail* XD

Emily Elizabeth at 4:46AM, Jan. 27, 2009

Its okay lovie! I like your about me section :)

Lilac at 8:31PM, Jan. 26, 2009

I referenced your comic on today's episode of Ar Oh Ef El. I hope you don't mind. If you do then let me know and I'll take it out.

ZergHunter at 7:50AM, Jan. 26, 2009

hey thanks for adding me as a friend

xX_Jayden_Xx at 11:18PM, Jan. 25, 2009

No problem, I really hope to see more soon!

GreenApple at 12:55AM, Jan. 25, 2009

My pleasure, I love your comic sooo much:) and thanks for add:)

roguemanga at 2:36AM, Jan. 19, 2009

TY so much for the friend add and comments on my comic!!!!!

Pandafilando at 2:08PM, Jan. 18, 2009

thanks so much for adding me !!!

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