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My name is Bryce and Im a girl and 13. I love to draw even though I suck and Ive come a long way from my anorexic drawings at age 8. I first discovered anime at age 5 with dragon ball Z but I didnt know it was anime. The second time I discovered it was when I was 8 and Inuyasha was on. I was addicted to there eyes. My favorite part of anime is there eyes, have you ever noticed how beautiful they are?

Ive drwain several types of eyes but my favorite are the kind from Darker than black. Heis are just captivating.

My favorite colors are Crimson, Green, Black and other colors. I just call those my top 3 but I love all colors, just not pink specifically because its just to bright and girlish for me.

I dont have a label like Emo or Punk or Sk8er I just wear what looks decent and I like. Even if it means sweats XD but not the icky kind. Im 510 So I have trouble finding awesome jeans even tho I love the long kind that cover my feet unlike alot you find for my size XD

I love all kinds of music but my usual type is Rock and Alternative. But it varries, if I like a song from another Genre I do. Its just that. :)

Im not a confrontial person either, I hate fighting and drama. If its not my drama dont involve me. But if it is my drama be assured Ill end it as soon as I start it.

I am the biggest procrastinator ever. Like right now I should be working on my project due tomorrow (should have done it already but not even started) but I really dont feel like it. I ended up taking a shower and then drawing and then listening to music and then this XD next Ill probably eat and then do it -w-

I love gore and horror. Nothing beats it w I wanna be a great drawer and Im learning from my friend Leanna who was a former enemy but that just shows you how much I prefere friends over enemies. I also dont get crushes often unlike my friends. Ive only had two boyfriends and liked 2 other guys and they always end up ending badly XP

Plus if Im sad I wont show it because its my problem, why show other people my weak side? -w- and yes I sometimes get anime crushes.

My current ones are Hei from darker than black and Sebastian from kuroshitsuji (both in the manga and anime 333!)

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Sociopath.. amnesia.. a bunch of metal illnesses, in a little girl. And her name is sally, she's a escaped Patient from a mental hospital. Watch her adventures~
  • Fantasy |
  • 8 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
This is a manga about a gamers life and she is quite the weirdo. I wouldn't call it her wacky adventures, more like her f***ed up scary a** life involving violence, and random sh*t. Ya know?
  • Fantasy |
  • 7 pages |
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This is a manga with two female main characters [yuri involved] of whom have more in common than they think. This is the unedited version without anything done to it but being scanned and having the levels re-adjusted so you could see it better :o
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This is basically my random pictures based off events in my life or just random things from mah mind based off my mood. Excuse the sucky-ness

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