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Well her full name is Valery Albert.
Her name comes from Vladimir, a character from ‘Waiting for Godot’ and also at the end of Act 1, a boy calls him Mr. Albert. Valery comes from the word Valor: brave or courageous. Also I chose to spell her name in the masculine way by dropping the e (valery instead of valerye) for no real reason…just liked how it looked better.

Here was the first sketch I made of her. I used to give my characters much longer legs then…. At first I was going for a lot more realism but then I decided to make it slightly more light hearted, and it kind of became more cartoony. This was mainly because of the development of Adam's character.

Personality wise she used to not be so shy, but she started out as a tough person who was pretty down to earth. Instead of starting her out that way i decided to have her slowly evolve out of her shyness as the story progresses. Besides freaking out about personal contact, she still has the down to earth thing.

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