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As far as the Walshes go, the last name came first. It was the name of the 'company' my cousin and I started while playing our Role Playing Game. Eventually we just adopted it as our last name. I guess we thought it would be easier for people to identify us if we had the same name as the lagest corporate entity in that world.
As for the First name, I chose it while writing the 'Shadow Force' movie script. I convinced Chris that we needed to give the characters different names so that we could write them objectively, so Chris Hurley became 'Kevin Walsh.'
His call sign, Deadeye, was just something I came up with while writing the SF movie script.  It kinda summed up his ability and sounded cool at the same time, but it didn't sound over-used.
Kevin's look is based on Chris, with some tweaking.  He's meant to look very low-maintenance and somewhat behind the times as far as fashion goes.  Like he doesn't care that much about how he looks and only wears a suit because he has to.  As with 'Tom', much of Kevin's dialogue and mannerisms are pulled straight from arguements and conversations I've had with Chris.  In fact, Kevin is sort of a caricature of Chris.
Kevin started Walsh Inc. with his cousin, Tom, when they reunited after several years of living on opposite coasts. While he seems to be very detached and cruel in the comic, underneath he is a very sensitive and insecure person who values his relationship with Tom over everything else, though he often doesn't take Tom's feelings or views into account.
Kevin's personality is an exaggeration of my perception of Chris.  He is a flamboyant, trouble-starter and a very driven and shrewd businessman who revels in his overachievement.  Politically, I would say he is a conservative.
Kevin is the main plot-driver of the comic. It is, more often than not, his actions that drive the story, but like in life, it takes other people to bring resolution.
Kevin's themes are basically a warning about American greed and self-interest.  He is similar to the '80's' Wall Street sleaze balls we've seen many times in the movies; a resonating symbol for "the ends not justifying the means." 
Kevin is also what most people would consider to be a republican.  He believes that every man, woman and child is responsible for their own destiny and that any problems they face should be overcome by personal determination; that the rich and powerful have basically earned the right to rule over the poor and weak.  And like many republicans, he believes that the system that he himself is a part of, is corrupt and incompetent and not to be trusted.  He also believes, maybe only subconsciously, that he should be exempt from the harsh rules that he forces many others to live under.
As far as the sub-theme about super-heroes and the roles that their powers often relegate them to in popular comics, Kevin has no real "powers."  Which would normally relegate him to being the "technology guy" of the team.  I specifically broke away from that by instead modeling his "super hero persona" after one of the most polarizing characters in comics; The Punisher.
So, Kevin is sort of a loner, with no super-powers who uses guns in the field.  But because of his temper and lack of interpersonal skills, he is not a good field leader, so he is stuck in what is basically an 'honorary' leadership role, which directly effects his relationships with the rest of the agents and they don't have as much respect for him as they do for Tom because of that.

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