Andrew Cross
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Height: 6'1"

Andrew Cross is the leader of team one, a stubborn youth who can't accept defeat. Determined to prove himself after his many failures in the past, Andrew takes it to the next step in the tournament. Charismatic, and devious, Cross has an unintentional ability to make women fall for him, his reverse charm as his partner Max puts it.

Andrew's gun of choice is the taurus, as to why, his brother bought it for him, and it was his first serious Airsoft gun.

Cross excels at CQC (Close quarter combat) over long range combat, assasination, and knife methods have beaten out his ability with guns, though he is a pretty good sniper.

Cross has a caffiene addiction, to the point that if he hasn't had any soda before a fight, he's completely drained and unable to function properly, this weak point is sometimes exploited by crazed fans, wishing to win him over with bribes of soda.

Considered a nobody int he tournament, Cross plans tomake it to the top, or die trying.
Comic The Mutha Flippin God of Airsoft

Rockin the WTF face.
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