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The gerbils are in the pantry sir! What else do you need?


This is the last time I snort cough syrup while drinking Kool-aid and singing the national anthem.

Hello people who are reading this, if your brain doesnt melt by the time I finish my rambling, then you are a stronger man than I.


Anyway, I am Zeph, you may know me as Zeph, Zeph, Zeph the Zeph, and ZEPH ALMIGHTY!

Kay the last ones not true… but itd be kinda cool. Anyway, I am 20 years old, and currently working on plastic bullets (if barely.) Planning to do something more original sometime in the future. Ive got two projects in the works that Ive been working on for almost 6 years, but you know the creative process gotta work out all the kinks.

Plastic Bullets is pretty much a practice comic where I experiment with ways to portray the story, paneling, inking/coloring styles, dialogue talk bubbles ect. Ultimately its meant to be a learning experience. And I dont really take it seriously. Expecialy with all the twists and turns that decided to throw themselves into the comic. (Such as a fight with a friend that ultimately tore out one of the main characters.) Ive learned from the mistake, never team up with friends on a comic. You will argue, and it will end badly. Well if youre as thick skulled and stubborn as we were.

Thats it. Peace.

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Prepare yourself for the world of Extreme Airsoft, in this fast paced tournament, if it doesn't kill you, it's legal. With Five Hundred Million on the line, this is gonna be one hell of a fight.
  • Fantasy |
  • 66 pages |
  • last: Dec. 16 2013 |
Enter the world of extreme combat sports. Determined to bring the adrenaline of real life combat to a non-lethal sport, Epic Co. created the Mayhem Unloaded tournament, a no holds barred if it doesn't kill you it's legal combat simulation tournament. The story follows a team determined to reach the top despite being out-gunned, and outmatched.

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Chaos for All Concept Music Video, Drag me to Hell.

I decided to put together a bunch of concepts I drew for Chaos For all, a comic I've been working on for 5 years, to a semi fitting song. (I have a small library, leave me alone...) But all the art is done by me, the songs of course belong to their respective owners.




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Lol, thanks I will.

Orange at 9:28PM, Dec. 6, 2007

Thanks for the add man ^^!

I hate Reality at 3:12AM, Nov. 29, 2007

What happened to Survival house??????

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Nice profile dude^^ hehehehe

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