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Cross and Max -Team One
Kallen and Zero -Team Geass
Webber and Mao -Team Mithril
Sagara and Kanami - Team Lander
Ed and Alphonse -Full Metal Arsenalist
Yoko and Kamina -Team Gurren
Cloud and Zack- Team Soldier
Revy and Rock- Team Twohands
Burger King and Ronald Mcdonald -Team Heartattack
Jo and Meg -Team Angel
Cortez and Blade -Team Crazy
Mustang and Hawkeye -Team Mustang
Alucard and Serras -Team Hellsing
Dutch and Benny- Black Lagoon
Sasuke and Naruto - Last men standing
Sakura and Kakashi -Team Kakashi
November and Hei - The Contractors
Armstrong and Miles -Briggs
Vash and Wolfwood - Team Stampede
Motoko Kasanagi and Batou- Section 9

Teams have been updated.
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