Black Oak Wisconsin
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Black Oak (a fictional town) in Wisconsin use to be a coal mining town, until the coal ran dry, and it started to die like all settlements of this sort. However a few years back, Epic Co. offered to buy the entire time for a massive lump sum so that they could make their tournament, they offered those who did not wish to leave jobs within the tournament if they so wished, allowing those who had shops to remain their to sell their goods to tourists and the likes.
The tournament took a five years to construct, with it's many compounds, and use of abandoned buildings, Epic Co sunk alot of money in the project. Now Black Oak is a thriving town close to Vegas, with people flying in from all over the world to watch the Mayhem Unloaded tournament first hand.
Black Oak is located in the northern area of Wisconsin, near Door County, and is surrounded by miles upon miles of untouched forests, making it quite the spot to go during the fall, for those who enjoy watching the leaves fall off the trees. Though it can't seem to rival the water park fun of Wisconsin Dells, this town does provide amusements of many other sorts, including several hunting clubs around it's outside boarders, that own a few dozen acres of land here and there within it's massive forests. Black oak is located upon Leaf Lake, a small land locked body of water, no bigger than rice lake.
Because of it's location within the state of wisconsin, alot of packer fans live there, and they often sell their wears. Though, the tournament seems to dominate the industry of what people are there for. If they want the packers, they'd go to Green Bay.
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