The stories, where did they come from?

A few hours
Genejoke at 11:11AM, May 30, 2010
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When I asked for contributors the second to contact me was Jabberwockyjones, a few hours is his first story for Malefic Tales.
I was very interested to see his script as it was someone else playing in my toybox.
I wasn't disappointed, it was simple and effective.
It also required me to draw things I wasn't used to drawing, such as Humvee's.

The script was also quite detailed in places about the images or the angles of shots. Some I pulled off better than others but it was a challenge I enjoyed.

Originally it was supposed to finish a page earlier but I felt that the last line was quite powerful but being just a panel at the bottom of a page I was worried it may not have the desired effect. So I sent JJ both versions, one with an added page of my own effort and one how he envisioned it. As it was his script I wanted him to have the final say. Well he seemed to like it so that is the version you will see when it goes live.
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