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Shock Once Chet Masters, a rapist, serial killer, high school jock, and manipulative mastermind, he decided to take an ultimate risk when Kyle Canton (as wireless) stood up against him. Discovering how Kyle got his powers (minus the microwave as Kyle was unconscious for that) he went to his father who was the owner of Tech Inc the country's biggest supplier of wireless technology and volunteered for an experiment to prove wireless technology is harmless. The experiment took place in a long abandoned MAPLE lab which Tech Inc had revamped for their work and Chet sent his friend Spike up to the power box in an abandoned biology lab of the building to short out the power box during the experiment. Spike did this and Chet began to gain powers like Wireless minus force powers (no microwave) however, when Spike accidently bumped into some vials and beakers on a table, they spilled over and landed on Chet giving him dragon's wings with unbreakable claws, and super strength. Now he considers himself the master of all villains in Canada and wishes to destroy Wireless

Super strength
dragon wing flight
Electrical Powers
Mental Connection to wireless technology
incredibly sharp unbreakable claws
lack of mercy
is actually pretty intelligent though his anger can get in the way

Water (though he usually can block it with his wings)
Since he uses wings to fly instead of force he is susceptible to turbulence etc
His temper
His pride
Not really much else
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