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18 year old son of John and Maria Canton, brother to 26 year old Kelly Canton.
Kyle lost his parents when he was 10 in a car accident. Though at first the police seemed suspicious of the case, it was dropped a few months later and never resolved. 
Due to his age, and also due to there being no immediate family to take care of him, child services told Kyle that they were going to find a home for him. Kelly, not wanting to be parted from her brother, gave up her chance to go to university so she could work multiple minimum wage jobs and support herself and her brother. Throughout the years the siblings have been just squeezing by thanks to the help of friends, but they are together and alive and that's all that matters to them.
Kyle moved to Kanata Ontario with his family when he was 7. He was a target of bullying for Chet Masters and Spike Malone from day one and would have been friendless if it wasn't for one friendly young girl named Jennifer Kates.
Jennifer and Kyle were inseperable friends for years. When Kyle lost his parents at age 10, Jennifer was there to help him through it. It was at this point that Kyle began to feel that he was in love with her.
In a way, Kyle's crush on Jennifer was what ruined the friendship for him. Now as they headed into highschool, a very important time for founding relationships, Kyle and Jennifer had begun to spread apart as Kyle was too nervous to talk with Jennifer and Jennifer had begun hanging out with a more popular crowd who put up with Kyle but never really accepted him. Instead, Kyle spent most of his time with his new friends Kailee LeClaire and Jordan Huberts. 
Kyle met Jordan in the 7th grade. Being unable to attend any sports or events at the school due to financial constraints, he spent a lot of time in study hall with Jordan who didn't attend the events as he considered them a waste of his time. Though Jordan was far smarter than Kyle being a straight A student with parents who both work in robotical engineering for Tech Inc, they found a common bond in video games. Though Jordan is a touch opinionative and slightly eccentric, the two have been good friends for many years now.
Kyle met Kailee when her family moved over from Quebec. Seeing her being given a hard time for her Quebec heritage Kyle stood up for her and stayed with her as a friend. Though the two didn't seem to hold much in common at first, Kailee held a lot of respect for Kyle for standing up for her. Over the years they have become close friends, Kailee often acting as Kyle's conscience. 
When Kyle hit gr 12, his life was turned upside down. At first it started as a normal year. Chet had started to go after Jennifer which made him mad, and there had been news reports of highschool girls throughout the city being killed baffling the police, but other than that it had been a normal year for Kyle. Then, one stormy night as Jordan was teaching him via headset how to play an MMORPG, his life changed.
Kyle had just turned on the microwave when it happened. Lightning struck the fuse box of his house supercharging his power grid. For a brief second the power surge was carried via his wi fi to his lap top on his lap, wireless mouse in his hand, and wireless ear piece in his ear. The energy fused with his brain waves changing his body. The sensation was too much for him causing him to pass out where he was radiated by his power surged microwave.
Kyle awoke the next day with a headache and a load of static. It took him a while but eventually, with the help of Kailee and Jordan, Kyle realized what had happened to him. He had gained super powers. Kailee's first reaction to Kyle's new powers was excitement. She tried to convince Kyle to use his powers to help humanity, but Kyle, who was already rather panicked by all that had happened, just wanted to pretend nothing had happened.
After accidently using his powers to stop Chet from beating him up, Kyle became more confident in himself. Feeling he could do it, Kyle got himself as dressed up as he could and went to finally ask Jennifer out. When he did however, he was startled to find, Chet just had.
After he was alone with Kailee and Jordan again he angrily ranted about how much Chet drove him nuts and in his anger accidently force blasted the lockers causing one to burst open. After realizing the locker belonged to Chet, Kyle was further surprised to find evidence proving that Chet was the date killer. Furious, but also terrified for Jennifer's sake, Kyle burst out of the school at speeds he never knew he was capable of in search of Chet. Force blasting down the door to the wharehouse, Kyle arrived too late. Jennifer had died.
Attempting to attack Chet for what he did he was stopped quickly as a knife from Spike stabbed him through the chest. Kyle fell to his knees and the world around him began to go black. Meanwhile, his head felt like it was ready to explode as the built up energy looked for a way to be expelled. In a last ditch effort Wireless let all the energy he had been building up out in a giant force explosion which levelled the wharehouse. As the dust settled, only Kyle could be seen, for the first time transformed into Wireless.
When the police finally arrived, Kyle (still in Wireless form) told the police chief about Chet and was shocked to discover that the police already knew this and had known for a while now but were unable to touch him due to Chet's father's influence on the city. It was then that Kyle vowed, much to the police chief's disdain; to fight for people in places the law can't touch.
With the help of Kailee's massive costume collection, Kyle designed a relatively unique costume and took up stopping large corrupt corperations and small crimes the police overlooked. All was going well until a super powered monster named Shock (who Kyle later learned was actually a transformed Chet Masters) knocked him in front of a live news report.
Startled, Kyle accidently fried the camera but it was too late. Before he knew it his image was on every Canadian news station and tales of his brutal attack of a news reporter and crew led to stories of damage by meta humans around the world and led the country into a rage. Kyle had unintentionally singlehandedly started the Canadian Metahuman Crisis
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Wireless is Kyle's Alter ego. He wears dark blue tights with long boots, short gloves, a cowl, and metal bracers. After his first fight with Shock, Jordan replaces one of Wireless' bracers with a holo-inducer which connects with Wireless via mental connection to wireless technology. With this device Wireless can dress in any costume he wishes and therefore can avoid problems such as the heat of his costume in summer. 
Wireless' symbol is a light blue i surrounded by brackets (i) and is shown on his chest and the buckle of his belt.
Wireless has a four basic powers which, when combined with his creativity, allows him to overcome obsticals. Wireless generates an unlimited amount of static electricity and force powers within himself. He also has super speed and has a mental connection with any wireless technology.
Wireless uses his electrical powers as a taser of sorts but can also go as powerful as overloading electrical systems
Wireless uses his force powers mainly for shields, lifting objects, and flight, but he can also use them for shooting large blasts of concentrated force energy although these tend to tire him out. Though his force powers have a tendency to raise in strength depending on how much adrenaline he has, for the most part his strength is limited to lifting an armoured van with his force powers.
Wireless has many weaknesses, the largest of which being his short circuiting when drenched in water while being powered up. Though he tries to work around this by putting up a force field around him, his shields take a lot of concentration limiting his use of them. His other two greatests weaknesses are that he is not very strong physically, nor is he invulnerable at all. Despite his powers, he is still a human in body.
Wireless is in over his head, and he knows this. Though at first sight you'd think him to be a bit of a joker making witty comebacks and occassionally teasing his foes, upon closer examination it is easy to tell there is far more to this young speedster's personality.
Wireless made the decision the night he lost Jennifer, that he would never hold his life as more valuable than another's. As such he often takes on far more than he can handle simply to keep others from getting hurt. Though he makes jokes and light hearted come backs, it tends to only be when he wants to hide how absolutely terrified he is. When just talking to Wireless (which is rare as he tends to run away once he sees it is safe) one would find that he is a calm, polite young man who tends to be a deep thinker. He's never said a dirty word, is incredibly awkward around a girl he likes, and would feel a lot more comfortable talking with just another teen than someone in charge. He likes to work in the background doing tasks that tend to be overlooked by others. He is respectful of those in charge but never allows orders to stand between him and his morals.
More than anything, Wireless wants to see people safe. As he goes through different adventures he's beginning to not see people as good and bad so much as everyone has their good qualities and bad qualities, it just depends on what they focus on. All in all, he is a good guy to have your back and is willing to go out of his way to make your life a little better.

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