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Jack Spanner
Macattack at 12:45PM, July 19, 2011
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Jack is a slightly eccentric investigative reporter who believes it is his duty in life to discover and report the truth. Always wearing a fedora and trench coat, Jack has always been inspired from the private detectives of old. He is not afraid of stirring controversy and often will use questionable methods to get his info. 
It was thanks to a bug Jack placed in Charles Masters' office that an article had been posted revealing the controversal data found by Tech Inc that wireless technology runs on the same wavelength as brain waves.
By publishing this data, Jack sparked outrage in the community which almost put Tech Inc out of business. This problem forced Charles Masters to rush the second tests even resorting to running the tests on his own son Chet Masters.
Jack is currently trying to uncover the secrets behind who Wireless is

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