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Horrible design!!!!!!! Stupid designers who are shiz at their jobs!- in films, games etc.
Ozoneocean at 3:50AM, Nov. 15, 2011
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bravo1102 wrote:
I'm only a crumudgen when someone won't admit that the evidence indicates. I keep forgetting that evidence doesn't matter only apearances and opinion. Maybe the designers actually wanted a more histori
No Bravo, you're just being a dick. Sorry, but I had to call you out. This wasn't about being an absolute stickler for historical accuracy, you keep ignoring that, but you are very obviously wrong on that count anyway since at the time when the Trojan wars were supposed to have been fought none of those helmet styles you talk about had been invented yet and they didn't even use metal for helmets according to the archaeological record.That was much later.

The movie designers just picked styles from later in history and modified them to make them just a little “gayer”.
THIS is the iconic look, the way the heroes are ALWAYS depicted on vases, bass relief, mosaics and statues:

That's Ajax and Achilles there. ;)

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