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Mecha model photos
Ozoneocean at 3:36AM, May 15, 2014
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Looking through some old pics of mine I came across a few photos I made of my old mecha models. Mainly my Warhammer 40k eldar dreadnaught and my VF-1a from Macross/Robotech.
So I thought why not make a new pic thread for mecha models.

Feel free to post your own, here are mine.
Ozoneocean at 3:54AM, May 15, 2014
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joined: 1-2-2004
The is the Eldar Dreadnaught with his funky paintjob and dreadlocks:

Tiger Terminator Space Marine:

Same fellow ext to a very rough shadowsword tank I made from cardboard and bits of scrap:

Transforming VF-1A model kit, unfinished:

With some other toys from Macross/Robotech:

And this one alone from Robotech/Macross:

Batletech/Mechwarrior stole this design for their own. I think that's one of the big reasons mecha is thought off as so improbable in Western fiction- this design was made for a fictional world where there are giant humanoid aliens and this mecha had to move around inside a huge spaceship designed for those scale of creatures as well as battlefields fighting against them, it was never meant to be a tank replacement on normal battlefields.
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bravo1102 at 2:29PM, May 15, 2014
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A picture of my favorite mecha. But it's not a model. M60A3TTS tank.
Second favorite, still not a model. M1 Abrams. That's not some cool sand overspray scheme that is road dust.

A model of a comic book tank. The M3 Stuart “Haunted tank” from DC's GI Combat. (The model is only 2 1/2 inches long)

One of the ugliest tanks ever: The Valentine mk. XI

M901 Hammerhead ITV. The bumper codes indidcate that it's from 50 the Armored Division 1/102 armor battalion headquarters company. I was in company B or bravo and there's my screen name.

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