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Project_00_Wolfen on Tumblr Now.
Project_00_Wolfen at 2:43PM, April 25, 2015
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I made a Tumblr account a few days. It's a pretty generic looking page but I'm fine with it. I'll be posting my comic also there as well as other art work. Drop by if you want to take a look. Thank you for your support, interest, and have a great day.
Feel free to ask me anything there. What games I like? Why do I like drawing? etc.
Welcome to my FA page. I draw just about anything as long I can get a
clear picture in my head from descriptions or just a visual reference. I
try my best. I'm a fighting gamer and an artist at heart as well as
working my way on being a comic book illustrator and story writer. Enjoy
the gallery and thanks for fav'ing any picture and watching me. :D

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