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Hello, I'm JnG_Art. I still go by Project_00_Wolfen, but, I'm going by another tag since it's more professional as well as shorter.

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Comic Strips based on the holidays that the Freddy and FNaF crew celebrate with the surviving Night Guards that still work at the Fazbear locations.
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Comic Strips based on the passing holidays of years to come.

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BROGAN’S LAIR is a newspaper style comic strip based around the odd friendship of a polar bear named Brogan, a lost flamingo named Tiki, and the odd situations that arise while living in the arctic. Rounding out the cast is Hyde, a seal who may be the smartest of the bunch, and Mo, the lone human voice. A comic based on the humor and warmth of friendship, it is a bit of an homage to a simpler era in the tradition of vintage strips, but strives to keep things upbeat and contemporary. I hope you warm up some hot chocolate, get the fireplace roaring and enjoy the comic. Flipping through the strips while wearing mittens is optional... ~Brogan

Comic Strips based on the holidays that the Freddy and FNaF crew celebrate with the surviving Night Guards that still work at the Fazbear locations.

Current Arc: Thanks to an anti-social cat, 17-year-old Nick Knox stumbles upon a world he thought only existed in videogames.

In an anachronistic universe, where science meets sorcery and elves meet cigarettes (?), Nikolan has been given the task of warding away colossal predators and the occasional genocidal faction away from the 'civilized' ever since he could barely hold a blade. He isn't considered professional in his field but with the team of his own consisting of a mysteriously talented Dr. Eight and a mad-mannered elf nicknamed Axe, they get to share the blame equally for any job botched. Sure the work hours are irregular, the pay is laughably meager and most of the effort includes unhealthy doses of running for your life and relying on your luck but at least it would make one heck of a dinner-party story to tell. Updates Mondays and Fridays.

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900w Sketch and Line Work

LiveStreaming along with side commentary. Picture of two OCs in a fight to commemorate the 900 viewers I've gathered on one of my websites I'm on. Deviant Art: FurAffinity: The Duck:

Arika Kiba Coloring in Manga Studios Debut 4.0

My second coloring podcast on Live Stream. I'm getting use to this and coloring my OC, Kiba. Enjoy if you're watching.

SkullGirls Online - Cerebella the Hawt Circus Mafia Girl

Hello again, I'm practically just saying everything in the video but, anyway, this is me jumping into the new fighting game known as Skull Girls. By far, a well put together fighting game during this new generation. Controls are easy to learn and the playing style makes you feel like you're playing a balanced 1v1 fighting game with some added bonus. The game plays more on the lines of the Darkstalker/Vampire Savior engine with some of the additions to make the fighting game much more pleasant is that it plays with Capcom vs SNK 2's ratio system when you're playing team which puts more balance in the game. As you can tell, I'm doing 1v1's for the most part because I only play with Cerebella. I just like her. I have nothing against the other SkullGirls. It looks like Peacock is going to be the most used, or tourney friendly, character in this game because I have not came across a Valentine player or Parasoul. Note that this is the first three matches that I've done in Rank. I've done more but I didn't record them because I was putting together this video. Enjoy!

Street Fighter 3 Online - Back in Action

Wow, it's been 2 months since I last really played Street Fighter 3. Well, time to put that WD-40 on the gears I call my fingers and jump back into this game.


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