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A self taught, freelance comic book artist and illustrator who currently lives in the middle of a desert. I would say I love reading and making comics but I'm pretty sure that's a no-brainer here. My other hobbies include browsing the web with a graphics tablet, free-running and pretending to know a lot.
P.S. I also have a habit of drawing teeth on a lot things cos I think it makes it look ‘dark’ and ‘gritty’. Just thought I'd slip that little detail in as well…

You can also check out my other non-comic related art on my deviantARTaccount.

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In an anachronistic universe, where science meets sorcery and elves meet cigarettes (?), Nikolan has been given the task of warding away colossal predators and the occasional genocidal faction away from the 'civilized' ever since he could barely hold a blade. He isn't considered professional in his field but with the team of his own consisting of a mysteriously talented Dr. Eight and a mad-mannered elf nicknamed Axe, they get to share the blame equally for any job botched. Sure the work hours are irregular, the pay is laughably meager and most of the effort includes unhealthy doses of running for your life and relying on your luck but at least it would make one heck of a dinner-party story to tell. Updates Mondays and Fridays.

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So "Demons Mirror" is a comic based loosely off of "The Snow Queen", a story by Hans Christian Andersen. It's updated multiple times each week, and I might throw some other relevant art up here as well from time to time. Enjoy!

Hello, Dear Reader! What follows isn't so much a comic as it is a viewport into another dimension where you can follow my life and my adventures as the superhero Fusion. Updates every Tuesday (with occasional Thursday bonuses).

Meet Joy Fulbright, an 11 year old tomboy. Joy for the most part, is smarter than the world around her. Shes an angry only child who lives with her divorced mother and is does video blogs, films, and other mischievous activities. Joy ends up living in her own little world with her friends Kimmy and Neil, her schoolyard antagonists Gary and Joanna, and her arch-nemesis...boredom. Updates on Monday and Friday!

This is what happens when one girl gets a mask that turns her into a superhero. Also here -->

A group of misfit monsters are sentenced to live in a castle belonging to mad scientist. (Some comedy, horror, and a little bit of everything else.)

A comic about superhero figures who are anything, but Pegwarmers. It's a blatant ripoff of Twisted Kaiju Theater. Characters are owned by Marvel and DC, respectively.

A story about four friends and their dangerous journey to an evil queen's castle. Magic, adventure, love and much more!


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