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NEW RULES - Please read me
HippieVan at 7:53PM, May 10, 2015
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Hi everyone! The rules for this section of the forum haven't been updated since 2006 and to be honest we haven't been keeping an eye on it very closely, so I thought I'd update them just a little bit.
Some of these are guidelines rather than hard and fast rules, but do try to keep them in mind when promoting your work. Basically just use your common sense and don't be an annoying spammer! :)
1. All plugging of your work MUST be done in the “Meet, Greet, Show and Sell” sub-forum. The other sub-forums are for discussion, so please don't make threads or comments that just plug your comic in them. Obviously you can still talk about your comic! Just no blatant “read my comic” threads/comments outside of this section.
2. What can be plugged here? Well, it doesn't necessarily have to be a comic on DD. You can definitely hype another project that you're involved in, or a comic that you've published/posted elsewhere! However, if you're plugging something other than your DD comic, ideally you should be an active user of the site - meaning that you post/have posted your own comic here, or participate actively in the forums or community projects.
Obviously, whatever you're plugging should be at least tangentially related to art, writing or comics. Use your discretion here, but I mean just don't sell fake designer handbags or anything and you'll be fine. :)
Also, avoid posting about something that doesn't exist yet e.g. an upcoming comic. But if you want to plug a comic with only one page, go for it! Just be aware that you probably won't get a good response until you have at least a handful of pages.
3. No more than once a month - To keep a fair and level plugging ground, try not to go around advertising your comic more than once a month. This ensures that everyone gets an equal chance to show off their stuff! If you have multiple comics or projects, you can make a thread for each one. However, you're welcome to reply to your own thread in order to bump it, as long as you've got something to add (like that a new page is up) rather than just a reply like ‘bump.’
4. Keep it clean, or warn people - If your comic or whatever you're showing off has some NSFW content, mark it as so. THINK OF THE CHILDREN, DANG IT!
5. Be nice - Don't be going and posting things like “OMG your comic is lame PLEASE DIE IN A ROADSIDE DITCH AND DECOMPOSE” in other people's topics. It's okay to provide constructive criticism, but flaming is a no-no. Be respectful, people. Also, no critiquing in PLUG topics.
5. Clear topic titles - Do everyone a favour and name your topic with a meaningful title. Naming your thread “Check out my new comic!” is not descriptive or helpful, and is not likely to bring many readers in. Try to include the name of your project and/or a short description in the title!
6. No critiques? - If you're one of those types who's just plugging for fun and profit, then please write (PLUG) before your topic title, so everyone knows not to dissect it. If you want critiques, then put (CRIT) before the title. If you could care less, then put nothing. (You can of course put (PLUG/CRIT) if you're open to any kind of response.)
Much of this is lifted directly from lukee's old guidelines, so credit to him!
Duchess of Friday Newsposts and the holy Top Ten
JustNoPoint at 7:43PM, May 12, 2015
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Hippie, I kinda took the liberty of adding these rules to your thread about how to get a news post. Didn't really see a need to have 6 stickies and it had been over a month since I mentioned the rules should be updated :P
Didn't mean to step on your toe BTW 
Digital_Genesis at 6:02AM, Oct. 7, 2018
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Is there an exception to the one plug per month rule in “the Redux: Did you just update. Comment on the work above you thread?” I have seen that on other sites and it really works great. I just feel like there should be some place on here for someone willing to put in the work to promote their comic. Promotion isn't easy, and with stuff like Project Wonderful going away, we are running out of ways to get the word out. An exception for that particular thread would be awesome. Just a thought.
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