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Hi, I'm New
DorkInsanity at 1:59PM, Aug. 4, 2016
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Hi!! I'm new. Brand new. This thread is the first thing I'm doing. *waves*

I decided to post my webcomic here. Though I feel suddenly very outclassed in such a league of wonderful artists. . . . .

Anyway hi. I'm DorkInsanity. If we ever cross paths, let's be friends. I like anime and manga. A lot. I also like music and crime documentaries. I have of lot of weird quirks.

Genejoke at 3:30PM, Aug. 4, 2016
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Welcome, you'll find this a welcoming community.

Don't feel intimidated by other artists, do your thing and enjoy.
irrevenant at 1:58AM, Aug. 5, 2016
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Yeah, there are some great artists here. If you're ever feeling too surrounded by overwhelming talent, feel free to follow my comic to balance things out. :D

I think your first page looks good. That running pose is very dynamic.
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Bruno Harm at 12:13PM, Aug. 5, 2016
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Welcome to the Duck!
My dad and I used to play chess a lot, and he never let me win. He said you don't get better by winning, you can only learn from losing.
My point is, you can't get better in your craft without starting off a little rough and learning from your mistakes. People will enjoy going back and looking at your early work and seeing how much you've progressed.

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