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Mechanaflux #4 Kickstarter - Attempting A Kickstarter With My All-Ages Fantasy Comic
scarletspider at 7:19PM, Aug. 24, 2016
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Hello Drunk Duck users. I posted many, many years ago my first (unbearably bad) comic here. Now, my newest comic, Mechanaflux, has it's Kickstarter up today for the 4th Issue. You can read the first issue here on Drunk Duck.

I've been working on this project for a long time and really want to spread the word and make this modest Kickstarter successful.

The Story: Three earth kids fall into the world of Flux, where they meet a sword-fighting princess, the last sorceress, and a near-sighted dragon. Together, they must defeat an evil mechanical being before the entire world is turned into metal.

Issue #4 Plot: Siblings Cory and Maria (who were separated at birth to grow up in two different realms ) become increasingly hostile of each other. Will they be able to work together to save the world?

The sorceress, Darius, has lost her powers, and seeks to regain them, but at what cost? And to do so, she must learn to communicate with the very unusual spirit of her planet and convince it to break the rules.

Rewards: I am offering Issues 1 - 4 in digital or physical comics, an exclusive art print (5x7), and a mega-set of every comic book (16!) that I have created. I also have some stretch goals for 2 additional prints (another 5x7 and a larger 11x14).

The link is here:

Thanks for looking.

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