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PIT_FACE at 6:00PM, July 18, 2017
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Hey guys, so the forward and back buttons on my comic went down, apparently because photobucket wants you to update yer account in order to do third party sharing, or whatever. So in case anyone else runs into this problem and needs to snag their stuff off of photobucket to upload it in the image locker, dont be tricked if you go to the image in your photobucket library and it's been replaced with the pic that says you need to upgrade your account to view the pic. You can still download your pic from Photobucket. Figured i'd let everyone know in case anyone else was comin across this.

-yer friendly neighborhood PIT-FACE

also, marking it as important, CUZ ADMIN POWERS NOW, BBIIIOOOOOOOT—

Niccea at 7:40PM, July 18, 2017
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Photobucket has been a pain for me over the last year. Ik used to use it for the award trophies, but it has been glitchy.
Ozoneocean at 12:32AM, July 19, 2017
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Photobucket has been my go-to for years… But then it started glitching on me too, so I decided to pay the low fee they had of like `41 a year for a “pro” account just so I could get the attention of their techs to answer my help request.
That seemed to work out and it seems to have helped me bypass the current issues nicely.
Panman at 10:21PM, July 20, 2017
posts: 11
joined: 6-9-2008 is a pretty good image host if you're looking for a replacement.

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