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Role Play: Late night cafe
bravo1102 at 3:44PM, April 6, 2018
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“One thing I gotta say,” one waitress said to another, “tonight has been the night of big tippers. That creepy guy handing out fifties and those two high class Europeans left a $300 tip even after paying for all food that teen ate.”

“I could do with a whole parade of crazies if they all tip like that.” She rubbed one of the 100s on a piece of paper. “And it's real, stray threads and all.”
usedbooks at 5:41PM, April 6, 2018
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Martina checks her watch. “Is that the time?” She stands up. “I have to catch a flight. On my way to some little podunk town in West Virginia where some man was allegedly murdered by his Frankenstein-type creation.”

She pays her bill via credit card. On the “tip” line, she writes “Practice your balance or get a new job.”

Then she grabs her notebook and garment bag and heads out to her car.
bravo1102 at 6:09AM, April 7, 2018
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Suddenly new memories flooded into Martina's head. The tray never tipped, the waitress never lost her balance, every glass had moved by itself. The drinks had tipped by themselves. The ice tea was far colder than any soft drink she had ever been served before, almost frozen.

And a flick, a wink and a low steady incantation in some gibberish that wasn't gibberish. It was that European woman.

“Maybe now you'll have some respect for things you don't understand. But I doubt it.” Very clearly in her mind she saw Larya smile every so slightly, touch the side of her head next to her eye and then point directly at Martina.

A business card appeared out of the air and fluttered into her outstretched hand. “Glory Anne Lans. Sisterhood Investigation. Charleston W. Virgina. Licensed and bonded Private Investigator.”

Searsha lay on her stomach with Larya rubbing in her bare back. “Think she'll act on it?”

“Of course not. But when in their time it's fun to tease.” Larya jabbed at a knot in Searsha's back.

“Ow,” Searsha grimaced. Larya had done that on purpose. “Tomorrow, we go visit Joe Nickel and James Randi.”

“Right, that big expose on that psychic Chloe.”

“Then home and back to swords and spells.”

“Kind of fond of this time though, the clothes are nice and gotta love antibiotics.”

“Central heat and air conditioning. Refrigeration.”

“But everyone thinks we're prostitutes or silly grad students.”

“Well we did both grow up in a brothel.”

And the two sorceresses laughed.

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Ozoneocean at 3:36AM, April 10, 2018
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Author aside****

I am in a quandary…
MegaRdaniels mistakenly replied to both Betty and Ace's dialogue even though only Ace was speaking to Victoria.
Betty was addressing all her words to Martina…
How do address this?

This story and the last are also completely unconnected.

Perhaps she has super hearing and mistakenly thought Betty was talking to her as well? I will approach it that way.


Back to the story****

Ace looks confused
“Pinky? I never mentioned her… Can you hear my friend from across the room? Wow! You've got a super set of ears on you miss! Beautiful AND talented. I like that in a lady.”

With Martina gone, Betty is all alone now. She decides to get up and but in on Ace and Victoria.

Betty pulls up a chair and sits down with Ace and Victoria.
“So who's this lovely lady Ace? Introduce me!”

Ace frowns over at her and make a rude face.
“I was just about to find out!” he says to her tersely.
He turns back to Victoria.
“Sorry, I never introduced myself. The name's Ace and my oafish, uncouth friend here is Betty. What's your name ma'm, if I might be so bold?”
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