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Tumblr Exodus because of bans on adult content
BearinOz at 7:19AM, May 14, 2019
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Ironscarf wrote:
It all gone to social media. I don't know what the answer is, but it probably lies in some form of further integration with those platforms. The ducks are out there, waiting for tasty morsels of duck fodder (don't give them buns, it's bad for their tums).

Tbh, I wandered back here, nostalgically remembering the days when I couldn't keep up with forum posts, and never felt like I belonged, only to find it quieter than Comic Fury now (which is quite lively, despite its smaller, and seemingly more youthful crowd)
Someone mentioned - when I was bemoaning 1: lack of comments 2: increased readership after finishing 2 comics - that the fact that SO many people now read on their ‘phones’ now,that they're less likely to join in…and a lot of people are so fed up of unfinished efforts now, that they only read completed ones.

So I'm dubious about your suggested solutions, 'Scarfy, old chum
bravo1102 at 8:08AM, May 14, 2019
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If garbage comics like mine can get four- five extra likes just by mentioning them on social media, there might be something to it.

Everyone on Twitter should aggressively retweet the Duck's tweets.

And why have I veered off into military history on Twitter? My current comic isn't worth promoting.

And people complaining about no comments need to comment on every single comic they want the creators to comment on their comic. Clear?

And some of us are persona non grata on Comic Fury. So some may harbor some resentment. I have two unfinished comics over there that finished here.
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Ironscarf at 1:08PM, May 14, 2019
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BearinOz wrote:

Tbh, I wandered back here, nostalgically remembering the days when I couldn't keep up with forum posts,

Ah yes, The Duck was once the biggest of them all, before being throttled by the avarice of it's owners. Yet Ozone dragged it's charred corpse from the fire, performed CPR and somehow brought him back to life, soaring from the ashes like a web-footed green phoenix.

But they were dark days indeed when many of us sought refuge at that other place. Dark, dark days.

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