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Digital_Ink_Stories at 9:53PM, Sept. 15, 2019
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Remember that game we all used to play forever ago? The one where someone would say a sentence of a story, then another person would say another sentence that continued the story, and so on and so on? Well, why don't we play it in the forum games! The rules are:

-No more than one sentence per person
-No run-on sentences
-Ending a story is allowed. To end a story, just say “The End” at the end of your message.
-If the last message ends with “The End”, feel free to write a new story-starting sentence!
-Get creative! Feel free to take the story in any direction you want. Write something scary, write something funny, write something romantic! Just try to keep it PG (or, at the most, PG-13).

So those are the rules! And with those out of the way, I'll start the first sentence:

Bob went to the store to buy a carton of eggs…
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