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We are a small group currently consisting of only 2 people: A writer (The Pinecone) and an illustrator (Minus0). We are Digital Ink, bringing you potential minds of the Shounen genre.

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Twitter: @ThePinecone14 or @Minus016
Discord: Piney#2769 or MasterSwordGamer#9732
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Comics By Digital_Ink_Stories

  • Adventure |
  • 42 pages |
  • last: Sept. 29 2019 |
Set in a small, medieval country where every 1/100 people are born with a unique magic known as a "Song", this story focuses on a young boy named Kamo, setting out to start one of the greatest guilds in the country of Reviere! But recently, things have been amiss, as certain areas of the country have experienced a loss in the ability to use their Songs, for reasons nobody knows. Things are going on behind the scenes, as well, and with both of these things put together, it could spell an end to Reviere permanently... Comic updated with a new page every 2 days until the end of a chapter. Short hiatuses between each chapter.
  • Sci-Fi |
  • 9 pages |
  • last: July 29 2020 |
Neo-Earth, 2045, a world where robots and humans live together peacefully. Society is still divided between suburbs and slums, but in both places there's a strong presence of fighting matches, especially boxing. And now, on this corner, coming from the slums, enter Robosagi, the Bunny Robot, on his way to fight for dignity and respect!

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This manga series follows martial arts prodigy, Kazuya, as he challenges deadly opponents to further improve his skills.

The imagination realm is dying.Humans have forgotten how to believe in magic. So they set in motion, a plan to destroy the humans. This is the story of three children who must unite them.

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