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How to comment and get feedback
LongAndy at 2:36AM, Feb. 10, 2020
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joined: 1-28-2020

Is this (pic) where I should be when I comment on “art belonging to the person above” me, and where I also can introduce my own comic?
And who is the person above me, in this case? The last one on the bottom of the page?
And do I use a link to show my own comic?
Maybe there is a tutorial to this, but I haven't found it.
Avart at 11:34AM, Feb. 10, 2020
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joined: 2-19-2017
Hi! I can't see the image you post but you're right, you're supposed to reply the last comment and comment her/his art. For promote your own comic, you could do it in any forum within the “meet, greet, show and sell” category. As for the link to show your comic, I'll send you the steps via Personal Quack Message.
LongAndy at 12:06PM, Feb. 10, 2020
posts: 6
joined: 1-28-2020
Thanks a lot, Avart! :-)

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