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Free Dragons in Civilized Lands graphic novel
RobertRVeith at 10:16AM, June 3, 2020
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Hey Duck-friends,

I've released a free 51-page digital comic at DriveThruComics you may enjoy.

If you've followed the webcomic Dragons in Civilized Lands at all, the characters will be familiar, but the stories will be new. One of them, up to this point, was only available in the Volume One graphic novel. It features the back story of Araan the Cat (who appears in Chapters 1-3 of the webcomic). The second story has never appeared anywhere outside of my hard drive before. I drew it as a proof of concept from a short story while trying to figure out if I could actually realize this story in comic book form. I've had it kicking around in rough form for about five years and just inked it in the past few weeks while furloughed from my regular job.

I'd love to talk to people about the change in art styles between the two stories. Between stories, I upgraded from a $5 stylus to a $100 stylus. *I* think it looks $95 better, but would be interested in hearing what you guys think. The Duck is probably the only place I have with a bunch of other digital art nerds who would notice or care about such things.

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