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Lyza's Sandstorm
simonitro at 8:45PM, Oct. 10, 2020
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Hello folks!

Simon is back for many years since I've been doing webcomics and all and seems like my spirit is back in creating stuff is back again. With that said, I've decided to open a new comic called: “Lyza's Sandstorm”. That's some good news.

Many years ago, I started both Billy Learns To Rock and Electronic Revolutions: The Burnhams and with that in mind comes a bit of a bad news that I might abandon both comics for the new project and focus solely on “Lyza's Sandstorm” since I have the most interest, at this point.

With better artwork than before and a striving story, here is “Lyza's Sandstorm”… it's still the start but hey, slowly but surely:

Enjoy… Las Vegas-y
Ozoneocean at 9:50PM, Oct. 11, 2020
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I will have to move this to the “Meet Greet, Show and Sell” forum:D
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