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Hushicho teaches art!
hushicho at 3:59PM, April 9, 2021
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Hello everyone!

I've been intending to set things up on my system I use only for art production, and I finally got it ready. A friend who just bought Clip Studio Paint has been wanting my art advice, so I've begun making videos that are instructional in art in general, as well as how to use Clip Studio Paint's many helpful features.

In my first video, I teach the viewer to draw a corgi! I hope you'll all enjoy it. You can check it out here, and I've been working on several more videos covering inking, coloring, and many other topics, including practice breaking down things into their component shapes, and shading.

I'd love to see your sketches, if you'd like to share them, and I hope you'll all enjoy my videos. I'm also going to try to put some more advanced videos on Vimeo or somewhere I can post more mature content. If you have ideas of a good host, please do let me know!

If you'd like to watch my video, please do check it out here, and I'll be adding more to the Hushi Creates playlist soon!
L.C.Stein at 3:52PM, May 2, 2021
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joined: 10-2-2020
This is great,and that little Corgi is SO CUTE! <3
hushicho at 3:21PM, May 5, 2021
posts: 83
joined: 10-4-2007
I am so happy you're enjoying them! I've been meaning to do the videos for some time, but a friend of mine who especially loves corgis wanted to know some things about how to do this or that in Clip Studio Paint. So I thought the time was right!

Thanks so much for letting me know you're enjoying the videos! I hope very much that everyone can learn a thing or two and have fun doing it.

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