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Lite Bites needs YOU!
Genejoke at 6:01AM, April 2, 2022
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Update 14th may 2022

At present I have a lot of content preuploaded, but even so would love more contributors, it's the variety that brings the best out of the format.

Artists and premade stories are always welcome but at present the main things I'm after are scripts/writers and co reviewers.

For some inexplicable reason Lite Bites has seen a lot more traffic recently and it would be daft not to capitalise off that.

For anyone not familiar with Lite Bites it's an anthology comic open to all to contribute to. There is no specific theme or requirements, except for that it is rated M for mature, so no porn but aside from that it's pretty broad. It's mainly short stories, some reviews and odd articles too.

Contribute how you ask?

There are numerous ways. Maybe you have a pre-existing short story you'd like to draw eyes to again.

Perhaps you've made one but haven't worked out where to post it yet.

You could make one specifically for Lite Bites.

Maybe you could write a script for a short story and I'll find someone to illustrate it.

Perhaps you already have one hanging around that you could submit.

Alternatively maybe you're looking to draw something as a break from your main project, those scripts will need someone to illustrate them and maybe one will tickle your creative itch.

I'm also looking for co reviewers.

Maybe you have an idea for some kind of article or oddity that doesn't fit anywhere else.

You could volunteer for the next comic jam.

What's in it for you?

Hopefully some views and new readers if the recent popularity of Lite Bites continues. You'll get links to your main works and wherever else you would like to be highlighted.

The sense of wellbeing that comes from joining in with an ongoing community project.

If you're interested send me a PQ or comment here, the usual things.

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Genejoke at 2:42PM, Oct. 29, 2022
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Always looking for contributors.
Genejoke at 5:18PM, April 25, 2023
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Looking for scripts mainly, do you have a script you don't have time to draw, or want to write something for someone else to draw? Any theme or genre, well except outright porn I suppose.

Lite Bites has been updating daily for over a year and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, however the creator pool has been a bit limited and I'd really like to expand that somewhat.

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