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Bored artist seeks writer
nibbi at 2:18AM, July 4, 2022
posts: 35
joined: 4-3-2007
I haven't done anything for a while on here…

I'm keen to start drawing again but I don't know what to do.

Message me with your idea and maybe we could work together.
Xade at 1:58PM, Aug. 9, 2023
posts: 51
joined: 4-17-2007
id be delighted to have you join the Growlution team. I sent you a pq

Avatar from Wazaga It was really cheap, and are much larger than this.
takoyama at 10:20AM, Sept. 5, 2023
posts: 10
joined: 4-10-2011
did you ever get any takers on your offer?

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