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Show us your frames! (glasses)
Ozoneocean at 8:26PM, Dec. 11, 2022
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I've only recently been inducted into the world of eye accoutrements… Wearing glasses is an interesting thing. I never really wanted them because I didn't want my “look” to be changed. Silly but there it is.

My first pairs were mordernish, sort of retro squarish black plastic frames.
Then I got a monocle, (Stainless frame with a galley)
Then I got sunglasses in an aviator style, but they're not quite the real aviator look so I HATE them.

My latest pair are wire framed, rounded and very retro.
I'll post pics.

I'd love to connect with the other glasses wearers here and share pics of our frames :)

They show a lot about your personality and how you like to present yourself I think.
kawaiidaigakusei at 11:24PM, Dec. 11, 2022
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“No Judgement Zone”

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Ozoneocean at 5:02AM, Dec. 12, 2022
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I think the round ones would suit you better :)

These are my current ones:

Not that square at all hahaha


New ones comic soon….

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