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Vert scrollers on The Duck
HawkandFloAdventures at 2:26PM, Sept. 15, 2023
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This is a quick tutorial thread on how to put a vert scroller onto the Duck. It's actually quite simple, Make one long document and then copy and paste your files onto it.

You can upload anything that's 20MB big. So your only limit is the file size itself. You can even save your images in the highest quality a lot of the time like I can.

I've actually been trying this out for my series and I've really liked how it's looking. Normally on other sites Hawk and Flo Adventures is a vert scroller with lots of panels. Now that I'm more aware of how flexible the one page you can upload onto the site is I plan to do it more often in future :D.

I like to call the trick ‘Single Document’ as it's quite self explanatory. I'm not the one that came up with it. In fact my friend SlingyChanchimi aka Sefra was the first to do this with Bagley The Ok Magician.

InkyMoondrop at 4:15PM, Sept. 15, 2023
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Nice idea. But what do you mean by “document” and copy paste files onto it exactly? jpg/png? word? pdf? I published my entire 2nd Chapter of Blessed Days last year vertically in batches by editing together the images in one png file. I just stopped doing that, because 10 pages worth of content published in a single page means fewer clicks from readers and it absolutely kills my chances of making it to TOP 10.
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Avart at 2:44PM, Sept. 16, 2023
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I'm a fan of vertical scrolling comics, I share a little tutorial here, I hope you find it useful.

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