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lothar at 7:08PM, Oct. 19, 2023
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Hi everyone!
The First AND ONLY Comic this fortnight here is a real JEM !
It starts out in the best possible way … with a Darude ,..- I mean Desert sandstorm But it turns into a Water-storm

Comic:the Process
Author:the process
I love scifi stories that start out in deserts: such as MAd Max Beyond Thunderdome and episode 4 but not 7 and also Dune.
Just check out this page This dude draws Animals really well. And not just the popular cute animals but invertebrates too.
I r Like the disign of this chacarter They say that nature can't evelove the wheel but whoop there it is like a roller rat! RAINthis comic makes me want to draw. It's like a really surreal dreamlike experia. The story is rather easy to follow and very relate-able. Like this page ….And this one….
I can't believe this never got featured. I wonder what happened to this Artist. Hard to tell because the user only went by the name “ the process”
Go check it out. It's only 30 pages and well worth a look.
——————THATS ALL —————
I usually do 3 but Not anymore.
Anyway, I was gonna do something halloween related but I'm not ready for halloween yet , maybe in November.
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