Season 4

LanceDanger on Oct. 12, 2008

And so begins a brand new season of freshly baked, slowly ovened nVd strips! To be honest, season 3 felt like a HUGE dissappointment to me, because my heart just plain and simply was not into it. Many things where happening at a profesional and personal level that just was plain hard to go through. But now, I am re-energized, and ready for at least 1 more round of nVd! I went back a bit mor eto th eroots of the first season in a way. Anywho, here's the “cover”, next Monday strip 1 goes up. Thank you for reading and please look foward to the next update =3

krrak knut: (in Triumph, the insult comedy dog voice) He kids, he kids, he jokes, he jokes! XD