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Here I Am With Another News Post With News

skoolmunkee at 5:01AM, April 6, 2006

Some brief comic announcements:

The comic Life & Death is going to hit its 200th update on April 10th. Supposedly, there is something bigger than usual planned to commemmorate the milestone. :) Head over next Monday to have a look!

Rick and Daphne is one year old! I think in dog years that means it is seven!

Gunnerkrigg Court has come out with its first book! This book collects the first 7 chapters, which means if you buy the book, you will get to read a bit ahead of the folks who only read the web version. (You aren't allowed to reveal anything though!) The book is in full color and also has some extra sketch pages. It is around 125 pages and you can order it directly from, and you will also get free supersaver shipping. Congratulations on printing a book!

(quick edit: Lulu is discontinuing supersaver shipping after April 9th, so order quickly!)



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