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Eep! Nearly forgot to post this!

Black_Kitty at 10:40AM, April 14, 2006

I just realized I forgot two pieces of news! So here's to them and sorry about this guys. :( This is what happens when you post in the middle of the night.

Life and Death hit its 200th comic on April 10th. Everyone should check it out and offer some congrats!

Life and Death also got a mention in this week's The Gigcast which features an interview with Wes Molebash with Mark Mekkes of Zortic making a guest appearance.

Speaking of The Gigcast (which is always fun to listen to) but they're looking to branch out, possibly giving all the major webcomic communities out there their own day. This includes DrunkDuck and for more information on this, go to this forum thread. They're currently looking for some volunteers to help out.

Edit: This just in!

Brutus is back! Some of you may remember Chelano from the early days of DrunkDuck. Well now he's back with his comic Brutus!

Welcome back Chelano! :D



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