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Good Friday news

Black_Kitty at 1:07AM, April 14, 2006

Got a whole bunch of news stuff for you guys. Remember that if you have some webcomic news that you want us to post, just private message either me or skoolmunkee. Although skoolmunkee's going on a trip and won't be able to read her private messages until the 19th. By webcomic news, we mean things like milestones, interesting webcomic (or even art) things or community activities. If you're not sure, send it to us anyway. We won't bite and it can't hurt. :)

In the meantime, why not help out some people? Eunice P is looking for help in character design while hpk is looking for guest strips for his comic Cosmic Dash.

Speaking of hpk/hpkomic, he's taking commissions! And he has also opened up a new store! If you're wondering what that image above us, it's a cropped image of the cute Shmoofy! Click on the image or here to check his store out. :)

Meanwhile, Magical Misfits will be reaching its 100th strip on April 17th!

You know what's a good comic? Slither and Friends. Delicious~

Don't forget that if you're looking for things to do, the forum have plenty of activities for people to participate in! You can unleash the fanboy/fangirl in you and gush about your favourite webcomic. There are also comic reviews, writer's challenges as well as communitiy projects like Starving Artists!

And so ends this week's news bag of stuff. If anyone's curious as to why I'm not around as much lately, they can head on over to NightGig and see my thesis project (NSFW.) I'll miss it when I have to paint over it on Tuesday. :(

Immortal words of people who can't sleep at 4 AM because they messed up their sleeping schedule so are hanging around in a chatroom:

Black_Kitty: I'm actually making a newspost now. Does anyone have any news?
vidiot: uhhh…ray is never around to see real conversations?
vidiot: is that news?
Girl: No!
Girl: That's life.



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