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skoolmunkee at 3:27AM, April 19, 2006

I am freshly returned from Spain where everyone eats prawns and sugar-coated bread for Easter and now I have some announcements!

WTF Renewed is 100 comics old on the 19th of April. Also reaching 100 pages is Golden Gamers, and Aussie Kid tells me he has something special planned. Congrats and send some eyeballs their way!

Giandroid of Divisible By Zero (which can also be found here) has just posted his 50th comic. It is probably the tallest comic on Drunk Duck at 9000 pixels, so if you use a modem, you may want to have it do some warmup stretches before you visit his comic to say hi!

Also I accidentally deleted all my PMs so if you sent me a PM on the forums and I haven't responded yet please send it again. >_>



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