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Black_Kitty at 11:04AM, April 19, 2006

Firstly, I want to apologize to everyone who sent me a private message and didn't get a response. I got your message but I hadn't been able to reply and things just started to pile up.

So think of this newspost as my response to you all. :)

Yami No Tainai hit its 550th comic a while back. It's actually at 553th comic now and from what I've seen so far, it's quite spiffy looking.

Meanwhile, Life with Dragons and Public Humiliation hit their 50th mark recently. Guess who else is hitting their 50th comic? Assassin Assassin!

And I feel like such a jerk for not mentioning this earlier but Jenshin is running a contest over at Two Moons in celebration of National DNA Day. There's still time though! So go go go~

CORY also got a whole bundle of news he wanted everyone to know. Firstly, his newest comic ohsnap! (awesome name :D) will be going into an updating schedule on Fridays. Meanwhile, he's putting up the archives for his other comic Every Other Day in the next 39 days. But after that, he's going to post never before seen EOD comics! CORY's other comic, The Funbox of Fun, is also reaching its 50th mark. CORY's like some kind of webcomic machine. O.o

In other non-DD webcomic related news, I was browsing MT's forums and I stumbled onto a post about Heavy Cat Multimedia. Apparently they're looking for “manga artists and design artists with experience designing vehicles, characters, equipment, creatures and environments for a science-fiction manga project.” What makes this particularly interesting is that it's paid work!

The Gigcast is also coming out with an interview with Amber Greenlee AKA Glych, a very talented artist. She was once around on DD and had been a contributor to the second DD anthology book so look out for that. :)

That's it for me.

Or is it? I lie!
I recently got some news from Chelano. Not only has he brought back Brutus, but also CCC Presents! His girlfriend has also joined us on the Duck with her comic Game Over (and it's looking to be off to a nice start. :D)

Okay, now I'm really done.



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