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Public Speech About Drawing Figures and Webcomics

skoolmunkee at 3:32AM, April 24, 2006

Jillyfoo is giving a public speech today (April 24th) about using references for drawing webcomics. It is at the Undergraduate Research Conference at the University of Minnesota, Mankato. It's titled Drawing the Figure Using References For An Online Comic. Sorry, I don't know the time….

That's understandably a bit far for some people to travel, so if you are interested but live in Nepal then you can go here: This is the page beginning where you can see some of the things she will be talking about… it goes forward into the next several pages. Very informative!

She would probably like some feedback so you could leave her a comment on those pages if you like. :)


Black Kitty here. I caught this after the system turned so I'll have to edit the newspost instead.

T_K is looking for a colourist for his comic Packrat! If you enjoy colouring nicely drawn comics, then you should head on over to this thread~

Long time DrunkDuck member Skyler hit her 50th strip on her comic Puppetry a while back. Puppetry is one of the first comics that came on DrunkDuck (I remember trading Christmas art with her back when I still had a comic) so there's actually more than 50 Puppetry strips out there. By her estimate, she's probably closer to her 500th strip then 50th since starting the comic 3-4 years ago.

In other news, Hero's Wintergreen is coming to the end of the remake of the first chapter. Actually, I'll just quote the man himself:

I'd just like to report some news about my comic. Basically, that My comic, Wintergreen ( is coming to a the end of the remake of the first chapter, after which, I am going to be updating the rest of the book that I've already got done. As such, I am taking all art, questions and looking for webcomic interviewees in the entertainment buisness like characters (established or made up on the spot) who are actors, musicians and the like for a big Wintergreen Party Bonanza Thing and News Report.

Also, seeing as they are a band and all, their album is out and up on Lulu. I'm still working on refining their music and style, but it ain't half bad and has a beat you can dance to.

He's looking to get all the stuff in by the end of the week if possible and if you have any questions, he welcomes you to send him an e-mail. (Go to his forum profile for the e-mail. Don't want bots picking up his e-mail and going to town with it.)

Spambot (who does this freakishly delightful comic called Here There Be Robots) is taking pre-orders for t-shirts they're selling until the end of this month. Check it out here! And please do!

And more good news! All 178 pages of lukee's Knock On Wood have been uploaded and will continue to update on DD! YAY!

And now I crawl back to studying~

Edit for great justice~

I almost forgot! Those of you who have been here in the early days of DrunkDuck might remember Blurrymystr, the man behind No 4th Wall To Break. Well he made a film recently called You, Me and the Zombie Makes Three. Go see go see!



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