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Black_Kitty at 2:26PM, April 27, 2006

Just adding to the newsposts. :)

ccs1989 got his first book published! You can get Assassin Assassin Book One at Lulu if you click right here!

The 1000th (yes, one thousand O.o) Elijah and Azuu comic is coming up soon and Inkmonkey is planning a fanart special this coming Wednesday! To participate, send in your favourite Elijah and Azuu character to Inkmonkey. No need for backgrounds or anything since he's going to splice them all together into one single image. You can find Inkmonkey's e-mail through this forum profile.

The Adventures of Vindibudd Superhero In Training is back on DrunkDuck! <3

The latest Gigcast is up and it features Geek Talk with Karl Kuras (also known as Trantor) and Chuck Rowles (our beloved Ronson.) I didn't get a chance to listen to it since art history was gnawing at my brain but the past few Geek Talks they've done are really REALLY enjoyable to listen to. So check them out!

I don't know if anyone remembers but a long time ago, in a time of faeries and unicorns, I had a webcomic. But towards the end of it, my schoolwork became increasingly heavy and one of the guys that did guest comics for me was Yami. Every year, Yami holds a contest and he asked me if this year, I would like to participate. While I can't, maybe other people would like to join the fun? If you're interested, go visit Yami's comic and check out the Guest Art Comic Contest!

And snapping right back to DrunkDuck, CORY is offering a cameo in his comic for a link! And totallyilladvised is looking for guest strips…possibly even trading strips!

The artist is starving but that's okay.


Just as I got out of the campus library, I realized what I forgot to post about! THE QUACK!

Some of you may remember The Quack, it's the DrunkDuck E-zine organized by the lovely Eleika. When DD crashed, The Quack went with it since they were both hosted by the same company. Well now it's back and Eleika is looking for contributors! Reviews, comics, interviews, anything goes! Just contact Eleika if you're interested in helping out. :D



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