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Upgrade 1.1

Volte6 at 9:50AM, Aug. 23, 2006

OK, it's just a fact of life that you can’t please everyone all of the time. We know that. But we try to please as many as we can, and some feedback was so clearly one-sided that we decided to do something about it right away rather than wait for the next upgrade 30 days from now.

So, first PLEASE check out the new browse/search feature. We crammed on this so it could come out now rather than in 30 days. Nobody has anything even close to this. It’s just way cool, and if you don't give it more than a minute you are missing out on an incredible tool to discover new comics.

Second, we removed the red Top 10 Favorites panel at the top of the front page. We always planed on replacing it with something that was more random, but hadn’t finished programming it, and this went up instead. Gone, OK! We can't do a totally random thing because some content that people put up is just inappropriate for the front page. We will be creating something for the next upgrade that has “editors picks” of great new comics, comics that are becoming popular, and comics whose quality of work deserve to be featured, etc. Anybody will be able to submit their comic to the editor. It will not include comics already in the Top 5 Stories or Strips as they don't really need more exposure then in the Top 5. We haven’t worked it all out yet, so patience!

We are keeping the Top 5 most read stories and strips on the front page because the most popular deserve to be recognized. These creators worked hard to get where they are and deserve it – plain and simple. If the work continues to be good they'll keep their position, if not they'll be replaced by the next hot comic.

Last Updated Stories and Strips now default to the most recent 10, but by clicking on “more” it expands to 25. Want even more? Go to the new browse/search where you can search by most recently updated, as well as a lot of other criteria.

We removed the Tell–A-Friend from the front page. This was really a temporary thing while we build something really neat. It will be a one button Tell-A-Friend for a specific comic. See a comic that is just too cool? Click the button on that comics' page, insert email address, and an email goes off to your friend with a link directly to that specific comic. We'll have this as an optional tool for creators in the next upgrade.

So that's it for the “emergency fix things up on the front page to make as many people happy as we can” 1.1 upgrade. Like I mentioned before, in about 30 days a next generation of upgrades will happen. It will include a lot more tools for creators and better community functions as well. I'm sure it won't make everybody happy, but hopefully it will please the majority of Duck fans.

-Dylan Squires, Founder and Chief Administrator



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