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Black_Kitty at 12:00AM, Dec. 8, 2006

Here's hoping this won't bump Skoolmunkee's post off. O.o

Remember how in the last newspost I talked about Star Crossed Destiny's book? Well you can get it here! Just in time for the holiday. :)

Eternal Life has reached a milestone of 50 pages after a few months! Aussie_kid would also like me to relay to everyone that “The comic has evolved from Sprite to Drawn (Hopefully full colour), so any readers who didn't like for the sprite reason now have no choice (Unless they honestly don't like it)”

PiLLI ADVENTURE will also reach a 150th milestone! Congrats!

Speaking of milestones in the hundreds…Misfit Assassins will be at the 100th page mark soon!

Meanwhile, Lost Invisible has hit its 200th page and is holding a contest with lots of prizes! Details at the comic site. :)

One Question is back from vacation! :D

Finally, Dreams in Synergy and QUANTUM Rock of Ages have both hit 20 and 75 respectively!

[Edit: Oh and there's a lively discussion going on in the forums about ComicSpace and DrunkDuck profile pages. What do you think about the profile pages on DrunkDuck? What should or shouldn't go there? If you have an opinion, hop on board and give us your two cents. :D]



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