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skoolmunkee at 11:08PM, Dec. 20, 2006

Grounded Angel (you know, the one that got featured) is now 50 pages old! Congrats on continuing a great comic, let's hope there's a lot more on the way!

Also at 50 pages is Lovemagic by tea_green, so congratulations there too! Warning, Lovemagic is an adult comic, so don't go clicking on it if you're at work. :)

Edit: Black Kitty here, sneaking in some news~ >.>

MOSH passed 200 pages! Well, about a week ago anyway. Either way, congrats!

Meanwhile, Good Riddance's 50th page is coming up!

KingofSnake has a message for everyone regarding blade22 if you have any questions.

I was wondering if you would please post about my comic, Advanced Battle, and saying that we will allow anyone to enter and that they just need to PQ me the sprite sheet they want to use and the name they want to use with it. Thank You.

Edit 2: ZOMG! Fightsplosion! 2 sign-up! First come first serve!



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