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!sraey wen yppaH!

skoolmunkee at 12:05PM, Dec. 31, 2006

MrColinP is announcing that his six-part miniseries
X-Heroes has been completed, and although it is over, you can still read it on Drunk Duck as well as on
its main site… which is also home to “tons of all new bonus material!” :)

MrGranger would like everyone to know that Alecto: Songbook and Innocent have both reached 25 pages! Congrats! (Actually Innocent is inching much closer to 50 now… so add another half-congrats!)

Lonnehart's Magiversity has reached 50 pages! Double congrats!

Frail's Butterfly Blue is ALSO at 50 pages! Double congrats to you too!

djcoffman's Hero By Night Diaries is now at 50 strips, and they've included links to some wallpapers in the comic notes! It's also the end of the first chapter of Hero By Night's adventures in his first year as a vigilante crimefighter. So double congrats to you too!

Also, Issue One of the Hero By Night comic book series is in the Diamond Previews ordering catalog, page 175 in the Image Comics section under Platinum Studios Comics label. djcoffman's encouraging readers to call up their local comic shops using the Comic Shop Locator Service, and ask their retailer to carry the book. :) Every little bit helps!

Lastly, marine's comic penis is reaching 450 pages… I'm not sure how many congrats that is, let's see… if one congrats is 25 pages, then… whatever! A lot of them! (They aren't all there in the archive, but I know the comic has been around for ages, so…)

Edit: Black Kitty here sneaking in some more New Year news~

kingofsnake's Children at Play will be hitting its 100th page soon! YAY!

Also, Krensada's Farmillia not only passed its first issue, but that issue is now published at! :D



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